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HT series, hydraulic bolt tensioners

HT series, hydraulic bolt tensioners

1. The hydraulic bolt tensioner is mainly used for the pre-tightening and disassembly of various high-strength bolts.

2. The biggest feature of the hydraulic bolt tensioner is the high precision of bolt pre-tightening, which can pre-tighten multiple bolts at the same time, and the pre-tightening force is even.

3. The hydraulic bolt tensioner is an ideal tool for the synchronous pre-tightening of bolts on large machines, petrochemical equipment, power equipment, and chemical synthesis tower covers.

4. The maximum tensile force of hydraulic bolt tensioner: 126-4478KN.

5. Hydraulic bolt tensioner is suitable for bolts: M16-M120, working pressure: 150MPa hydraulic tensioner.

6.We provide all specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, or according to customer drawings processing.