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KM45 hand hydraulic pumps

KM45 hand hydraulic pumps

1. Rated pressure of hand pump: 280bar

2. Each displacement of the manual pump: 254565ml ml/R.

3. Hand pumps output port: G1/4, G3/8 thread.

4. Hand pumps oil suction port: built-in oil tank.

5. The use of hand pump: suitable for driving the movement of a single-acting oil cylinder.

6. Others: All parameters can be changed according to customer requirements, and pressure gauges, overflow valves and pressure measuring holes can be added.

KM series hand pumps application field:

Widely used in various industries for supporting machinery and equipment, such as military equipment, aviation equipment, logistics equipment, hydraulic lifting platforms, special vehicles, environmental sanitation machinery, railway equipment, marine equipment, mobile machinery, plastic machinery, construction machinery, construction equipment, coal mining machinery , Packaging machinery, agricultural machinery, steel mill equipment, energy machinery, woodworking equipment, automobile manufacturing equipment, automated production lines, etc.