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KMP500 hand pumps

KMP500 hand pumps

KMP-15-500 main technical specifications,

1、Product material: Aluminum,

2、Working pressure: 147 bar

3、CONTOUR SIZE: 149 * 137 * 77.5(mm)

4、oil port are: M18 * 1.5

5、Stroke Displacement:

5.1、Export Pressure is 34bar, 10 circulation oil quantity is not less than 0.3 l.

5.2、When the outlet pressure is 147 bar, the oil quantity of 10 cycles is not less than 0.1 l.

6、Inlet pressure (absolute atmospheric pressure) : 0.1-1 bar.

7、Pressure classification: Pump for two-stage work, in from to two-stage conversion, the pump outlet pressure range of 44-54 bar.

8、Acting Force: The force on the handle is not more than 177N at the 550MM distance from the handle rotating shaft.

9、Operating temperature 85 °C to-5 °C.

10、Overall net weight: 5.8 kg.