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HM Series Hydraulic Nut

HM Series Hydraulic Nut

1. Hydraulic nuts are widely used in the connection of large components and the fastening of vibration conditions. In addition to coal shearers, they are also commonly used in various equipment such as steam turbines, rolling mills, compressors, and roadheaders.

2. No nut required, no torque design, to avoid friction and bolt distortion and other factors that affect bolt pre-tightening, and the tightened bolt is subjected to axial tensile force. High-strength materials to ensure safety.

3. The compact design reduces weight and is convenient to use.

4. The specially designed ultra-high pressure inlet seal ensures no leakage, long service life, and reduces maintenance costs.

5. The maximum working pressure is 2500bar (250MPa). Non-standard hydraulic nuts can be customized according to customer needs.

6.We provide all specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, or according to customer drawings processing.