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3000bar Hand Hydraulic Pumps


1. Ultra-high pressure hand pump specifications:1000bar, 1600bar, 2000bar, 2500bar, 3000bar.

2.Ultra-high pressure hand pump material: made of aerospace materials (aluminum-titanium alloy), light weight, high strength, and adapt to various harsh


3. Two-speed ultra-high pressure hand pump, built-in precision high and low pressure automatic switching valve, provides greater flow at low pressure, saves

 operating time and improves work efficiency.

4. Ultra-high pressure hand pump with built-in safety valve and double safety protection.

5. The unique lever mechanism can operate the ultra-high pressure hand pump with more labor saving.

6. Two-speed operation can speed up the work speed and reduce the work cycle period.

7. An ultra-high pressure hand pump specially designed for bolt tensioners and hydraulic nuts.




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