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KHP392 hand hydraulic pump

P series hand hydraulic pump

KHP392 hand hydraulic pump:

1.Design a lightweight and compact manual hydraulic pump.

2.The engineering plastic fuel tank and nylon-encapsulated aluminum pump body have strong corrosion resistance.

3. The operation of the two-speed manual hydraulic pump is more labor-saving and reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

4. The lockable handle and lightweight structure are easy to carry.

5. The oil tank has a large capacity, which can be applied to more types of oil cylinders and tools.

6. Built-in safety valve for overload protection of hand hydraulic pump.

Hand hydraulic pump use: hand hydraulic pump is suitable for hydraulic jacks, hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic bolts,
        hydraulic nuts and other hand suppression systems and hand hydraulic pump systems.




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